In this session we will teach students through games to understand the concept of:
A) what to do when we have possesion of the ball.
B) what to do when we don’t have possesion of the ball.

Benefits of the session:

Using space in a smart way following the Olascoaga method principals

Students will understand the concept of not overcrowding the ball

Learning tools to increase decision making trough games.

It is extreemly challenging for students to understand both concepts however here at Sportandi, we have created a fun way to teach students the concepts once that will serve them for all other sports including racket sports.Team effort is essential when teaching both concepts.

This is why in the session,we will show how individuals can work as a team in a short period of time as well as delivering great results in any sport game.This session is a complete package as it answers a collection of questions for the teachers and students like ‘how to do what when’.It accomodates for all year levels from prep to grade six.

Primary schools