Handball in schools

Using the Handball in Schools Olascoaga method for physical education and sport, students will experience fun and captivating sessions that include games ideas to develop game sense, being tactical in a game setting and team work development.

Benefits of the sessions include:

  • Students are engaged and practice fundamental motor skills through small games.
  • Students learn how to play as a team and share the ball.
  • Students learn the rules to the game.

Sportandi provides experienced qualified physical education teachers registered with the Victorian institute of teaching, with full police check and insurance. They have been trained to coach using the Olascoaga Method. Working with teachers and developing their skills as Handball coaches is a priority for us because when you obtain knowledge, you are able to further transfer the expertise to your students.

Professional development is available for teachers in your school with a certificate of attendance for your Professional development needs.

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More Information

For more information on Sportandi Handball in Schools please call us on 0412 160 607 or complete our enquiry form on the following link: Handball in Schools Enquiry Form. A member of our team will contact you shortly.