Olascoaga Method

The Olascoaga method for physical education and sport development created by Sportandi founder and CEO Andres Olascoaga, promotes fun participation in physical education for school aged children by placing an emphasis on sport concepts rather than skills. The main benefits of the Olascoaga method are:

  • Simple implementation.
  • Engaging all the students in the lesson.
  • Provides a levelled field for all students to excel.
  • Time efficient.
  • Allows students skill development and sports concepts to develop.
  • Caters for large numbers of students in one class.

In the Olascoaga Method there are 4 different stages of development, which are:

Stage One – Space: In this stage, students will learn how to make use of available space by playing games in a confined area such as a court or field without the ball. Students will learn to use certain areas or zones within this space, thereby avoiding the situation where every child is attempting to get the ball at the same time which often leads to a number of students being left out of the game. In this scenario all students have a chance to practice their fundamental motor skills and their confidence is built through participation.

Stage Two – Communication: Students will progress to ball games in bigger groups and will learn how to communicate to teammates on where to run and what type of pass to use. They will learn to anticipate what their teammates are going to do and where they will move within a court or field. Here, students are taught to recognise the importance of making a positive impact on their fellow teammates, this in turn fosters a sense of belonging thereby increasing children’s self-esteem and enjoyment of play.

Stage Three – Teamwork: Students learn how to apply individual skills developed in the first two stages to a role in the wider context of a team. They will learn team strategy and the importance of their part in contributing to team success which will further entrench each student’s sense of belonging and worth. This stage of development sets the foundation for enthusiastic participation for students in all future physical education classes and team games. All teachers can apply this method to any class, game or sport where there is defensive and attacking play in a limited field or court.

Stage Four – Game Tactics: in this stage students will learn sport concepts such as attacking, transitioning of the ball, defending and intercepting the ball in the game. Playing the game in small teams will create opportunities for students to move through the whole court. it’s important to adapt the game to the level of participants, creating fair opportunities for all and not letting individuals control the game.

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