Andres Olascoaga

Andres Olascoaga

After an extensive career as a professional international handball player and Phys-Ed teacher, Andres Olascoaga developed The Olascoaga method for physical education in Melbourne Australia.

Andi’s passion for performance and coaching quickly established himself as an enthusiastic sports leader who inspires and engages groups through an excellent understanding of physical education, sports, minor games and skill development delivered with a wonderful sense of humour.

The popularity of Andi and his presentations have been highlighted with his inclusion as a sports leader in both State, National and International conferences with his sessions always booked full to capacity.This extensive knowledge has led Andi to develop an accredited method of teaching sport and physical education in primary and secondary schools that builds upon the popular theories of Sport concepts and has been labelled as innovative and refreshing.

As a registered teacher in Melbourne,Australia, Andi knows the importance of a quality HPE program and has been responsible for empowering teachers to use The Olascoaga Method to engage ideas in sport concepts rather then skills and improving their confidence to engage all students in positive movement experiences. After 12 successful years of operating as ‘Andy entertainment’, 2015 saw Andres Olascoaga expand into the new brand of Sportandi.

With a passionate approach to quality physical education and sport experiences, Andi is a qualified Physical education teacher, Gym instructor and Personal trainer and has a comprehensive list of qualifications that include a Bachelor of Education, Certificate 4 in Business, Certificate 4 in Fitness and a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment.


With 25 years of worldwide teaching experience in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia, Andi is dedicated to inspire the leaders of the HPE profession to ensure that more children participate in more sport and recreational activities by providing 21st century students with 21st century teaching methods.