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Do you want your students to be motivated and make the most of their physical education? When Andi from Sportandi wakes up in the morning he wonders, how can he engage more students in physical education and sport? His mission and passion is to teach creative, fun and engaging phys-Ed sessions providing quality coaching based on The Olascoaga Teaching Method for physical education and sport. Sportandi invented this method in Melbourne ,Australia based on 30 years of an international teaching background.

He have the knowledge and the experience to engage your students ,he know how to run fun sessions ,enhance learning and create a win-win situation for students and teachers.Putting back the smile on your student faces is his expertise.Since 2004 ,every session has been like writing a new page in the book of fun phys-Ed as each session brings it’s own unique energy between the students.

Boring sessions?The problem is that the students of the 21st century are different to how you used to be like when growing up.They communicate more with emails, text messages and social media posts rather than human face to face interaction!The aim is to Re engage your students, build self motivational tips and deliver new ideas for games.By including proven teaching methods from The Olascoaga Method, we guarantee to bring fantastic results for your students.Using innovative ideas ,we can win their enthusiasm back and improve their self esteem, confidence and physical skills.